Saturday, May 31, 2014

Too Faced Pardon My French Set Review

Remember when I bought the A La Mode palette and said I was trying to branch out with different brands? Yeah, I got obsessed and here's another one of these super cute little tins from Too Faced (there's already another one that hasn't been released yet, but I know I want it!) To be fair though, I didn't buy this. My mom got it for me as part of my graduation gift, which was super cool of her. She totally understands (tolerates?) my makeup obsession, haha.

Like the A La Mode palette, and some of their other ones, this one has nine coordinating shades that are meant to be worn with the day/classic/fashion theme. Of course you could mix and match if you wanted, but they look really pretty when paired the way they were intended.

Top row
Seashell | Plumeria | Cocoa Beach
Seashell is a dusty, baby pink color with the mildest shimmer possible. I'm really not even sure if it has shimmer or if that's just some of the glitters from another color getting into it. If it is shimmery though, you can't tell when you apply it.
Plumeria is a bright, cool toned pink with a moderate amount of shimmer.
Cocoa Beach is a shimmery, medium brown. Sephora describes it as having a plum tone, but I don't see that at all.

Middle row
Sand Dollar | Firefly | Chocolate Sun
Sand Dollar is a matte, creamy shade with a warm undertone.
Firefly is a rich, copper color with a lot of shimmer.
Chocolate Sun is probably the most appropriately named color as it's a rich chocolaty brown with golden shimmer. If anything was ever chocolate sun, this is. Probably one of my favorite shades in the palette.

Bottom row
Sunbeam | Mermaid | Toasted Coconut
Sunbeam is another favorite. Its a sheer, ultra shimmery champagne color that makes for a beautiful highlight color.
Mermaid is a unique color in that its meant to be a murkier shade of teal. I'm sure lots of people will call it muddy, but I think that it kind of embodies what a mermaid color would be, what with the ocean not exactly being the cleanest thing in the world. 
Toasted Coconut is a matte caramel-brown color. 

In addition to the palette, this set also comes with the blackest, smoothest eyeliner I've ever used, as well as a mini-sized mascara and Shadow Insurance eye primer. This is available here as a limited edition Sephora exclusive for $49.


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